“Cherry Pie”, whoo-ah!

Arriving to Bastia is evidently happening after long night drive. With a modern vehicle this all would have been an insignificant task. Citroën 2CV, however, was much different due to old age. Yet it was just what I had ever wished since these cars really are distinctive and soulful pieces of engineering.

The road is getting somewhat crowded and I thank myself for not spending another night at any campsite. I think it’s time for small celebration and luxury at this point of traveling. The trip actually went along a lot easier than ever anticipated. The road was empty during the late hours despite of a few local drives speeding familiar routes merely like bats out of hell. The headlights helped very little and I was slowing speed even more after every road side deer warning sign. Luckily there were no encountering with animals crossing the road. I did have one break for admiring the deep blue night sky that often reminds me about Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, the co-writer of the screenplay for 2001: A Space Odyssey movie. He was also the man to popularize Herman Potočnik‘s idea of geosynchronous satellites. These objects are located on geosynchronous orbit, also called a Clarke orbit, at altitude of approximately 35,786 km above earth sea level having an orbital period same as the Earth’s rotation period. So they practically stay in place relative to earth.

Corsica was totally magnificent and actually, just the way my doctor could have prescribed to my vagabond spirit. At night, lying under the deep blue sky of Corsica made me feel like I was visiting at the edge of the observable universe.

Entering suburbs of Bastia at early breakfast time is a relief and one of my goals on this trip. I am eager to visit the old palace of the Genoese governors, accommodating a museum of Corsican ethnography since 1952. My eyes also urge to see the fortress of Bastia and stay beside that old lighthouse just enjoying the scenery. Now being here at Bastia I probably cannot leave to Ajaccio, without taking a short side step to Cap Corse, the northernmost tip of Corsica with some exquisite palaces from 19th and 20th century. Before all that I wish to locate decent accommodation and proper serving for breakfast. Then afterwards I need to return the car. At early hours I had anticipated awarding myself with several warm cups of tea and large slices of succulent pies. Concluding the recent events of roller coaster like imagination running haywire must have been an aftermath of slight sunstroke received while hiking the hills of Solano.

I take the seaside way towards downtown. The scenery grows to be really good with calm sea and distant ships popping up among roadside palm trees. Slow cruising on streets of Bastia gives me good view of the town with varying architecture and condition. I have agreed to leave the car at the train station of Bastia and still well enough time just to drive around before Chemins de Fer de la Corse.

A single room from Hôtel Bonaparte at 45 Boulevard du Galerie Graziani should be good for two night stay. After leaving my luggage to the reception I take a drive to nearby railway station, leaving the car to my contact. I need to pay some extra for the damaged tyre and after the guy has checked everything else is in order I then pass the keys and give farewell to this ancient yet splendid companion. As I walk back to the hotel I seek for some possibility of having breakfast and there are plenty to choose from. Early in the morning it would have been just tea and some pie. Now I felt myself too hungry due it was closing to midday already and felt like being able to consume brunch as well.

While enjoying well laid brunch table servings and browsing advertisement of hikers track, Tra Mare e Monti Nord, 9 to 11 day long trail with daily distances in between waypoints varying from 8 to 20 km in length. Something quite fascinating but maybe yet not me. It takes more strength and gear than I posses. Instead of hiking I shall be anxious to go around Musée de Bastia and the Governors’ Palace before heading onboard the train from Bastia to Ponte-Leccia junction and all the way to Ajaccio.

This brunch serves cherry pie which is among the best I have ever had. Companied with green tea with honey and lemon inspires me sharing the recipe of old DIY Cherry Pie.

1 x 400g ready-made short pastry from the freezer
1 x 350g sour cherry in a glass jar
1 x 200g sour cream
1 x 50g caster sugar
2 x teaspoons of vanilla sugar
1 x fresh chicken egg

Let the oven warm up to 200 degrees Celsius. Grease the pie dish with butter and spread dough evenly all the way to the edges. Remove the juice of cherries. Combine all the rest of the ingredients separately, mix lightly. When the base is complete, add the cherries, and evenly pour over the cream mixture. Bake in the lower level of about 30-35 min.

Use loud enough timer for exact baking time. Allow to cool and solidify properly. Serve with hot coffee or favorite tea and vanilla ice cream.

This chapter is an example from yet unpublished volume
currently identified as "The Fast and Slow Rays"
by Yumatzuga (2011-2015).



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