The Fast and Slow Rays


About six months after first releasing Somewhere on The Other Side, short stories written during the days of blogging in ’07 – ’11, I finally realized the fact of how hopelessly I had really been missing the whole process of writing. Sometimes I’ve been just lying and waiting there for a decent opportunity to desert all the daily business and really set ideas free.

The “Expeditions Irresistible” blog has been the lifeline of day-to-day living for me so long that it feels more like a necessity. However, after these short stories were released, it felt that the real hobby ceased. I believe it’s not so much about the writing but the feeling of being inspired and able to record, at least in some extend, a readable short story outcome. I would say, it’s a hobby and learning process of my innermost and dearest.

“Si Prega Di Non Disturbare, Si Prega Di Non Bestemmiare”

The new short story collection, “The Fast and Slow Rays”, is about a lot of different locations in Iberian and Italian peninsula as well as Balkans. France and maybe even Malta and Cyprus may also be present. The stories, more or less, rely on facts but are still rich in artistic freedom and the sheer imagination. Characters are fictitious unless not referred as already well-known public figures. Some of the major travel writers such as Lawrence Durrell, George Millar and magnificent Goran Schildt have influenced my writings and me by being truly beloved role models.

I’ve also gained a lot of inspiration from country and new age music as well as fine lyrics. Occasionally pure imperial brandy has been one of my fuels of fire along the way.

Stories follow the already familiar way of describing the journey of fictional protagonist. Occasionally there may be sunflower oil driven recipes, poems or lyrics involved. They are located on the land, at the sea and sometimes even in the air. These are the three elements, which I feel the deepest longings of my heart. Land being especially in concern when being on an island. Water and sea as long as there are no islands in sight and the air when it is so high above and close to the door of space where even the biggest islands look like tiny rocks. It’s a fact that sometimes the story may be/seem boring and everyday compared to the modern-day mega-spectacles. Yet, they are the stories where I am to live the dream. My writing dream that I’m extremely happy about.

If you ever liked the short stories of “Somewhere on the other side”, then you may like following these new stories. They will appear here as single blog postings, listed under “The Fast and Slow Rays” category. It might easily take another four years to be complete, eventually. So, don’t hold your breath waiting.



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